My name is Ana I am a designer - craft maker and dreamer... after studied design and travelled around...I had the chance to visit street markets around the world, bazaars, temples, sacred sites, galleries, music festivals, op-shops, museums but the most inspiring was the amazing natural landscapes where I was deeply energized by realising the perfection of Nature from the microcosm to the macrocosms.

It felt like I was awakening into a new reality. The enthusiasm and motivation came naturally when I started exploring new creative techniques... Since I found myself making crystal wrapping using recycled copper, wax threads, seeds, wood, hemp, shells... Learning in the streets from others travellers and hand-crafters, immersing myself in the art of crafting I learned the beauty in imperfection…I learned to live in myself…

I learned in the wisdom of the Universe.

My interest for jewellery design developed so quickly that one day I was learning in the streets of Melbourne from South American artisans then suddenly I was attending many silversmith short courses not only in Melbourne but also places like Ubud Indonesia, Taxco Mexico and India too. Lately I had the chance to attend classes with Jane Ruljancich at her private workshop in Melbourne.

As well as learning online from the award winning Master Silversmith Susan Lenart, in the Intentional Metalsmith Ecourse. My continuous learning and acquisition of new skills is a commitment to make unique pieces. Meaningful jewellery that brings healing and guidance to your life journey.

As an independent designer I truly thank everyone for their unconditional support that helped me to pursue my dreams. I am blessed to be able to learn and grow in my search of art, design and travel expeditions.

With love,